Tuesday Class

A group of us are meeting by Zoom Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:15 PM to sit for 40 minutes, chant the Fukanzazengi, and read and discuss Zen Buddhist texts. The class was founded by Rev. Dianei Appelbaum who passed away July 24, 2022. Please feel free to join us.

2   On Tuesday 05/30/23 we will gather at 6:30 PM CST to discuss Living by Vow,by Shohaku Okumura, Chapter 7, the “All in One, One is All “, on page 234 of the print edition from Wisdom Publications, Copyright 2012.We begin with a 40 minute sit, then reciting the Fukanzazengi (attached to reminder email), then reading and discussion of the text. We are considering for future study the writings of Katagiri, Okumura, their teachers, or others.

Please contact us via email at iowacityzencenter@gmail.com, to receive by return email an invitation to the Class. Current participants (who are already on the email list) need not take further action unless you wish no longer to receive reminders.

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