Tuesday Class

A group of us are meeting Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:15 to sit for 40 minutes, chant the Fukanzazengi, and read and discuss Zen Buddhist texts. The class was founded by Rev. Dianei Appelbaum who passed away July 24, 2022. Please feel free to join us.

At our next meeting on Tuesday September 27th, 2022 we will be discussing the book “Living in Vow”, by Shohaku Okomura. We will read from Chapter 3, Final Shelter, the Verse of the Three Refuges, beginning with the section “The Three Meanings of the Triple Treasure.” Please contact us via email at iowacityzencenter@gmail.com, to receive by return email an invitation to the Class. Current participants (who are already on the email list) need not take further action unless you wish no longer to receive reminders.

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