Guidelines for Sitting Meditation

Dainin Katagiri, the founding teacher of our Soto Zen
lineage in the Midwest, once said regarding meditation,
“Don’t disturb your neighbor, or be disturbed by your neighbor.”

Arrive ten minutes before meditation starts.
Leave your shoes at the door.
Modest, comfortable clothing is suitable.
Enter the meditation hall when the wooden “han” is struck
three times.

Take a seat on a cushion or a chair.
If you arrive late, please consider taking a seat in the outer

40 minute silent meditation begins with three bells.
Sit as still as possible.
If you are unable to sit quietly, please consider relocating to
the outer hall to complete the meditation.
If your experience is complete before the end of the
meditation period, please exit quietly.

Meditation concludes with a single bell.
Join in the closing service by observing others and using
the chant book.

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