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Regular Weekly Meditation Schedule
Double Sit Sundays
Special Events
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Monday Zazen-Sitting Meditation 6:20 am

Tuesday Zazen-Sitting Meditation 6:20 am

Wednesday Zazen-Sitting Meditation 6:20 am

Thursday Zazen-Sitting Meditation 6:20 am 7:00 pm

Friday Zazen-Sitting Meditation 6:20am

Sunday Zazen-Sitting Meditation 9:00am

To avoid disturbing meditation, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of zazen. There is a short service after each period of zazen. All are welcome to attend zazen and there is no charge, though donations are gratefully accepted.

During Rohatsu, December 1st through December 8 inclusive, 2018, the regular morning sitting schedule will apply, that is a 6:20 AM sitting (6:10 arrival encouraged) followed by a brief service.

In addition, on those dates there will be an evening sitting at 7:00 PM, followed by the chanting the Fukanzazengi. We will also have a Vegetarian Potluck at 6 PM Saturday December 2, and on Sunday December 3 a Jukai service will begin at 9AM,after the morning sitting. More information is given under Special Events.


The first Sunday of each month is nikai zazen, a double sit:
  • First zazen (sitting meditation) is from 8:10-8:50 am.
  • Kinhin (walking meditation) is from 8:50-9:00 am
  • Second zazen is from 9:00-9:40 am.
The session will then be concluded with a short chanting service. It is fine to just come for the second zazen, please enter the Zen Center quietly during kinhin and then take a seat in the sodo (meditation hall) at 9:00 am when kinhin ends and before the second period of zazen.


Priest Dainei Page Appelbaum will teach a Tuesday Night Class on Zen beginning on January 16, 2018.
The Class will focus on the book "Inside the Grass Hut, Living Shitou's Classic Zen Poem" by Ben Connelly. Class begins at 6:30pm. At 7:15pm, Zen Meditation for 30 minutes follows. Often after 7:45pm there may be some further discussion but we are gone by 8:30.

For more information on weekly meditation, Double Sit Sundays and Buddhist classes Contact the Iowa City Zen Center.


A visit by Shoken Winecoff, Roshi, Abbot of Ryumonji Zen Monastery, is anticipated in April, 2018. Details to follow


The Iowa City Zen Center Board meets every month on the second Wednesday of the month from 6-7 pm. All members of the sangha are welcome to attend.

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Please Contact the Iowa City Zenter Center for more information.